The Ultimate Creative Unit of universe


We are a brake on the tangled world with more technology than necessary. We the members of Je-ong, are the fermentation catalyst enzyme in the overcrowded world that became exhausted in competition to consume new life energy. We work to reform boring and provocative cultural content. We are the best freaks in the world, doing what we want to do and doing what we enjoy. We have no rules; we have no stereotypes. But 3C(Creative, Crazy, Crush) can heal our society that is sick with authority and bureaucracy. 







Against the trend, the top free gentleman 


We are true intellectuals who can enjoy our free time and abundant lifestyle. The Oriental Bohemian is from the noble lifestyle of the Ancient Oriental dynasty. It was the fundamental rule to taste the life of eating, entertaining, and travel. We have a passion for keeping our dignity, even asking for Haute Couture at a mud festival. The sharp loafer stands for The Oriental Bohemian. Ancient Oriental dynasty aristocrats wore shoes named 'Heakhae' which resembled loafers. We wear sharp loafers as a symbol of adapting all cultures and recreate it to break cultural barriers. We the stylish Flaneur, lead the cultural blending between East and West, collaborating with each other to make new cultural history. Yes, we are Oriental Bohemians. Oriental Bohemians welcome global innovators who lead new trends with us. For breakthrough innovation and creative growth, Our territory never determined.