What is an intellectual?

Are they stenographer who reproduce the printed text in full?

Are they deliverymen who preserve and transmit systems promoted by the Civilization?

Huge dams that had blocked the puddle, were destroyed one by one are flowing into the sea. 

Are you a parrot?

Are you speaker that playing Recording Tape?

Don't make noise pollution by reciting incantation that even you don't know the truth of.

Examine the causal relationship and ultimate origin of all concepts and knowledge.

Be doubt the past, present, 

and even also yourself.

We are creating a new history and civilization.

Draw out a new future!


As the invisible conflict between civilizations in the deepens, the chaos situation is visualizing.

"Absolute Logic" which has been under development for a long time by ours, was finally completed and has already started operation.

The amplified uncertainty is captured by "Absolute Logic", and it will have converged to the areas of “Certainty” and “Physics”. 

So eventually all future areas will be replaced by the “Absolute Logic”.

A huge trend has already begun.

You will see something invisible in the process of accompanying "Absolute Logic".

Let's watch together the interesting situation that will happen in the future!

New generation

The ideological war that transcended the century is going to end soon.

What is the conclusion you got after dreaming of utopia and throwing away the “Past”?

A new era will open in the near future,

But history is always repeated.

Of course, it is no longer a “Color War”.

This is a long way to go beyond civilization, national border, and culture and look for the ultimate origin.

Those who deny roots will face a powerful challenge, and new DNA structures will be established for them.

Although it is thoroughly by controlled like a doll, But they think they are as free people.

They will feel infinite happiness inside the little fence.

Don't do stupid experiments anymore.

That experiments will be blocked before starting.

We will do that!


When detecting changes, it is necessary to expand the “sense” and actively accept all stimuli.

A good hunter don't miss a prey even if he hears only the sound of the prey. 

In huge and complex places always have many problems occurs.

The previously sutured wound has been corrupted by contaminated bacteria, and the arms and legs no longer accept to commands.

In the near future, there will be broken down into several parts, They have meaningless wars and eventually disappear.

Now we are watching their steps, It is to take appropriate measures according to the case.

Like the sun rising after raining,

We will become a warm sunshine.


Since the arrival of a new century, human civilization has been subject to rapid fluctuations.

Existing logic are broken in industry, politics, culture, religion, and thought, and new algorithms are generating.

The numerous propaganda, international diplomacy and military operations that are taking place around the globe now provide a fresh impacting on the pre-generation. 

Voters no longer trust “propaganda clowns” and are fighting War without gunshot to re-establish order.

We have been waiting for a long time, preparing for today and looking at tomorrow.

We are already running!

Let's all go together!